Flowers F to G

P -- good source of pollen
N-- good source of nectar
* -- excellent for bees

Filipendula P
Well-known species include Meadowsweet (F. ulmaria) and Dropwort (F. vulgaris)
Filipendula or Meadow sweet
Forsythia NP
They are deciduous shrubs growing to 1–3 m (rarely 6 m) tall, with rough grey-brown bark
Fuchsia NP


Gaillardia *NP
Blanket flower. Striking orange/red flowers June to November
Gaillardia or Blanket flower
Galanthus *NP
Snowdrop, Important source of winter nectar and pollen.
Galanthus or snow drop
Gentiana NP
produces clusters of deep blue flowers in July and August.
Geranium *NP
Crane's bill (not to be confused with pelargonium). Saucer shaped flowers ranging from pink through blue, May to September.
Geranium or Crane's bill
Geum NP
Common name 'avens'
Geum or Avens
Globe artichoke
Huge plants, related to thistles, with massive composite flowers that bees flock to in July/August. Grows to 6' or more
Globe artichoke
Gypsophilla N
Known as Baby´s Breath ... Frothy clouds of tiny white flowers
Gypsophilla or Baby's breath

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