Flowers N to P

P -- good source of pollen
N-- good source of nectar
* -- excellent for bees

Nemophila *N
Baby Blue Eyes, Sky blue flowers with a white centre, June to August.
Nemophila or Baby Blue eyes
Nepeta *NP
Catmint, Cats love this even more than bees. May need protection in the early years (from the cat).
Nepeta or Catmint
Nigella P
common names for this one are Devil-in-a-bush or Love in the mist
Nigella or Love in the mist

Oenethera P
Common names: Dune primrose, desert primrose
Oenethera or Dune primrose
Olearia NPA
robust holly-leaved olearia with masses of white daisy-like flowers
Origanum *NP
Oregano or Marjoram, Bees love it, great herb, flowers white through purple July to October.
Origanum or Marjoram
Osmanthus NPA
member of the olive family, is renowned for its very fragrant, white, tubular flowers that appear in autumn and sometimes again in spring and summer.

Papaver *P
Poppy, Curious jet black pollen from this favourite.
Papaver or Poppy
Used as a green manure crop. Also known as scorpionweed
Phacelia or Scorpionweed
Philadelphus *NP
Mock orange. Clusters of creamy white, orange-scented flowers in June & July.
Phlox P
pronounced "flocks" and meaning 'flame' in Latin
Polemonium caeruleum
Jacob's ladder, Very pretty little perennial, up to 2' tall, and often overlooked as a plant for bee
Jacob's ladder, Polemonium caeruleum
Potentilla NP
Common names include cinquefoil, five-fingers, tormentil, and barren strawberry
Potentilla or Cinquuefoil, five-fingers
Prunus *NP
The flowering cherries, almonds and apricots etc. Early flowering trees. Please remember to get single flowered varieties!
Prunus or Flowering Cherry
Pulmonaria, (lungwort)
A great early spring nectar resource for hungry queen bumblebees, visited by long-tongued species, especially Bombus pascuorum
Pulmonaria, (lungwort)
Pyracantha *NP
Firethorn. Profuse white flowers in June & July, orange or red berries, loved by birds, in winter.
Pyracantha or Firethorn

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