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Posted 07 June 2012

Please also read our letter to:
Commissioners Dalli, Ciolos and Potocnik and Vice-President Ashton




Complaints to the EU Ombudsman


On 16th May, we copied you all into our email and attachments to the three European Commissioners and Vice-President Ashton. In the absence of acknowledgements, we have sent three documents of complaint to the European Ombudsman.

  1. Complaints about the European Commission,
  2. Complaints about the European Food Safety Agency and
  3. Evidence for the EU Commissioners which contains references to support our docs. However, we are far from clear whether anyone has the power (or the will) to do anything about it against the powerful pesticides industry and ...
  4. Syngenta is at the heart of the UK regulatory agencies

Dr Henk Tennekes was correct in his prediction: "The Systemic Insecticides: a disaster in the making". There is nothing that science can do for us. We have allowed the agrochemical industry to take charge of the environment. They have used it as their own private laboratory.

On Feb 7th 2011, we wrote a 7-page doc to Sir John Beddington and Lord Chris Smith, to warn them that we had evidence that there was something deeply amiss, right at the heart of our regulatory agencies. The agrochemical industry has farmers locked into a permanent pesticide/herbicide addiction from which they can only escape by pouring more and more chemicals into the system. The environment is fighting back. In response to these chemicals, resistant superweeds and resistant pests are appearing, so that larger and larger doses have to be given or old herbicides/pesticides have to be combined with them.

On the EFSA website, we discovered that "The UK Competent Authority" and Syngenta had applied for placing on the market of a GM, herbicide tolerant (glyphosate) maize GA21for food and feed uses, import, processign ad cultivation. It was adopted by the EFSA on 16 December 2011. However, the EFSA document admitted the problems of reduction in farmland biodiversity, selection of weed communities and selection of glyphosate resistant weeds and destruction of food webs and the ecological functions they provide. The EFSA approved it, covered itself by saying "The magnitude of these potential adverse environmental effects will depend on a series of factors including the specific herbicide and cultivation management applied at farm level, the crop rotation...etc. How stupid can Defra be? Have they not spoken to the farmers in the US and Canada?

Plants and pests can change very rapidly to cope with increasing amounts of chemicals. But humans cannot. There is now plenty of independent evidence that that human hetitleh is already paying for the stupidity and greed of the human race.

Rosemary Mason, MB, ChB, FRCA
Palle Uhd Jepsen, former Senior Adviser in Wildlife and Nature Conservation to the Danish Forest and Nature Agency


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