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Posted 01 April 05


Implementation of European Union directive 97/406a/2005

“All owners/keepers of honeybees who have not already filled in a census return, should register.

Official hive numbers will then be allocated and registration documents issued.”

All bees for export should be tagged or tattooed and the announcement adds. “ the tag or tattoos should include the letters UK, followed by the hive number. If individual insect numbers are used, the letter B must be placed between hive number and insect number

…..Characters on the tags should be of a size and design easily read by those of average eye sight at a distance of one meter.

Bees moving within Great Britain must either be tattooed , tagged or have some other temporary mark such as a body brand, wing notch or paint mark.

Export or domestic movements of honeybees must be accompanied by a document stating identification mark, total number being moved, addresses and date. Bees which regularly cross local authority/sovereign state/European boundaries unaccompanied, except by other bees, must be tagged in accordance with European procedures and have all journeys logged.

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