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Posted 28 Feb 07

Pollinator Populations Declining

Bees are critically important to farm ecosystems, pollinating about 40% of crops. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon described by beekeepers, researchers and government officials when entire hive populations seem to disappear, apparently dying out.

A CCD working group was recently formed with researchers from the University of Montana, The Pennsylvania State University, the USDA/ARS, the Florida Department of Agriculture, and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to analyze the problem. Their preliminary report indicates how pesticides may be a factor: CCD report

A California beekeeper, Eric Lane, suspects harm to the bees is linked to imidacloprid  made by Bayer CropScience. "It was used in France and killed 70 percent of the bee population in France."

A new report from the National Research Council. Research indicates that shortages of pollinators for agriculture already exist and that decreases in wild pollinator populations could disrupt ecosystems in the future.

In a landmark decision the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that landowners who spray pesticides on their property can be held liable for damages to beekeepers’ neighbouring apiaries. The case was brought by three beekeepers who raise bees for honey and sale. The ruling could impact pesticide use across the country.

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