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Posted 31 July 09

American Foul brood

To add to our woes there has now been a confirmed outbreak of American Foul brood (AFB) in hives in Perthshire and Angus.   Oooo, that's bad

For more information please go to any of the following:

Press and Journal newspapers

Scottish Government web site

BBC news1

BBC news 2

Scottish Beekeepers web site


Can you recognise AFB ? ... download our file on brood disease

The Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate (SGRPID) have laid out a detailed set of  'Guidance Notes for Bee Diseases and Pest Control (Scotland) Order 2007'.
You can download it here

Update 03 August 09

There has now been a conformed case of AFB in the Inverness area and the infected hives have been destroyed.

Please be vigilant when inspecting your hives ... if you are in the least bit of doubt, pick up the phone and call someone to come and have a look.!

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