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 Support Prince Charles & Organic farming

Posted 25 Sept 08

"I have just had a telephone call from Elizabeth Buchanan, private secretary to Prince Charles, thanking us for our support but asking us not to send any honey as they are not allowed to re-distribute it. What she has said is that if anyone would like to write letter(s) in support of the Prince's stand then these would be gratefully received."  (dated 08 Oct 08)


Prince Charles is well known for his support of organic farming and condemnation of industrial agriculture and GM food. I am supporting this initiative by the German beekeepers, led by Wtitleer Haefecker, to show Prince Charles that many beekeepers share his views.

I ask you, therefore, to join with us in this action and to send Prince Charles a jar of honey at the address shown below. Please enclose a note with your name and address and a simple statement of support.

+++ Beekeeping Associations are calling on their members to send jars of honey to Prince Charles in support of his position on GMOs and other excesses of industrial farming +++

In an interview with the newspaper "Daily Telegraph" the Prince of Wales voiced sharp criticism of genetically modified crops and the excesses of industrial agriculture.

As beekeepers, we are pleased that Prince Charles has spoken up for regional and organic farming and we share his view that genetically modified crops represent an incalculable and unnecessary risk.

The harsh criticism of Prince Charles unleashed by the GM-industry and their political and media operatives is, in our view, completely unjustified.

After a careful review of the the statements made by Prince Charles in the interview, we can only wholeheartedly endorse his position, which coincides with the experience and observations of beekeepers worldwide.

The unchecked, runaway intensification of agriculture, with pesticides and genetically modified crops, poses a serious threat to the very existence of commercial beekeeping,

Therefore, the beekeepers associations are calling on their members and beekeepers worldwide to demonstrate their support for Prince Charles in this battle for the future of regional farming and beekeeping by the sending of a jar of honey to the Prince of Wales' office.

This action was discussed in advance with his staff and they are looking forward to receiving honey from around the world in support of the bold stance Prince Charles has taken.

Whoever wants to join us, may send honey by regular mail (no courier service) to the following address:

HRH The Prince of Wales
FAO Secretary General Correspondence
Clarence House
St James Palace
London SW1A 1BA

Beekeepers participating in this action may register and optionally upload a picture of their honey at

Suitable cover letters to be enclosed with the honey, stating the support for the Prince's position on GM food specifically and industrial farming in general, are available for download at the site.

Initial organizations calling for this action are:
European Professional Beekeepers Association (EPBA)
Deutscher Berufs und Erwerbsimkerbund e.V. (DBIB)
Bioland e.V.

Additional organizations may register their support at

Feel free to forward this message to other concerned beekeepers and your local press contacts.

I'm looking forward to the broadest possible participation of beekeepers around the world.

Wtitleer Haefeker

European Professional Beekeepers Association
Member of the Board of Directors
German Professional Beekeepers Association
Deutscher Berufs und Erwerbsimkerbund e.V
Mobile: +49 151 58 565 444
Fax and Voicemail: +49 (89) 92 185 666

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