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Posted 28 June 08

Here is a German press release posted on the BBKA forum today ... as you know the BBKA endorses certain pesticides made by Bayer as 'Bee Friendly'.
The BBKA does not endorse Clothianidin.

Bayer - the friend of the bees? 11,500 colonies poisoned!

A plea from a German Beekeeper.

Call for action - everyone in Germany is invited to join the demonstration in front of the office of the German food safety, who just allowed the use of Clothianidin again!

Please organize a demonstration on Friday the 18th of July in YOUR country, in your local region. We need international action, beekeepers of the World have to stand together!


This goes hand in hand with a press release today at:

Clothianidin is back on the market 

Clothianidin, which killed bees en masse in Germany in May this year has clearance to be used again!

The German government and the chemical industry say that technical failures are the cause for the problem. They say that the sowing machines that work using pneumatics, pumped the dust off the maize seed into the air and the clothianidin with it. The clothianidin wasn't properly "glued" to the maize.

Both problems, so Bayer promises, will be solved by next year for sowing maize.

Oil seed rape coated with clothianidin has been cleared to be used from now onwards without restriction

See also our page: "Federal Agency in Germany suspends immediately seed treatments"

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