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Posted 22 April 08

"Cuttings & Press Release" Published by Landbrugsraadets (Danish NFU Councils) Communication Department

Tuesday 22nd April 2008

Danish Bees Dying Like Flies. Over half of Danish bees have died during the course of the Winter 2007/2008, says Danish Beekeeper Søren Perby. He thinks the mass death is due to various pathogens and prominent amongst these is “ Acute Israel Paralysis Virus”. Bees are like a canary in a mine they tell us some thing is seriously wrong in the environment. Honeybees are responsible and most important for fertilization of important crops. The EU Commission has put a value of bee’s fertilization of between 1.8 – 3.0 billion Danish Crowns Yearly. The value of Danish honey production is thought to be 60 Million Danish Crowns yearly. There is further information on bees and fertilization of crops of Danish Beekeepers (Danmarks Biavlerforenings) web site Source Metro express 22.04.08

Translated from Danish by David Ashton to English

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