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Posted 8 November 04

Apis newsletter-UK Issue No.29 October/November 2004

One man demo !

One man demo! On the last day of the National Honey Show a one person protester, Suffolk beekeeper Paul Hartly, stood outside the gates of the RAF museum with his banner "BBKA stop promoting pesticides". He said, "I feel passionately that the British Beekeepers' Association should not accept money from pesticide companies for endorsing so called bee friendly pesticides". Paul has been writing letters for a number of years on food safety issues. The BBKA did publish one of his letters in BBKA NEWS No.147 June 2004. (If you are a members of the BBKA you can download BBKA News by accessing the members/download area URL:


(This man deserves a medal and it is a pity that no one stands beside him)

Well done !

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