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Posted 05 Nov 06

The GM Bee ?

One beekeeper keen on gene-tampering burbled a vague idea of engineering bees with firefly or glow-worm genes to assist working hives after sunset.

To which a USA govt bee scientist replied (in part) :

"... but given a vary callous mindset and sloppy approach may instead wind up with a toxic nocturnal social carnivorous lightning beetle that creates luminescent wax, performs the fire dance, communicates with synchronized flashes, and can sting with cardenolide venom. Western varieties could have stetitleh capabilities ...

... In the original version females cannibalize males; the new GM version developed a taste for its Apis half and past problems of varroa mites seem downright friendly in contrast as whole colonies of bees were raided and destroyed ...

... Because it contains steroid chemicals called lucibufagins the organism has no effective predators; in fact some birds will die from eating a single specimen.

... The genius that created this disaster said he did not foresee this development.  Instead he thought he had a solution, the ONLY  solution to feed everyone in the world.  Unapologetic he maintains that he can't be held culpable because the "product" was approved by regulatory agencies.  He has been in protective custody ever since ...


The Post-Modern revised Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle twinkle GM bug
Created by a man so smug
Kids once caught you in a glass
And marveled at your glowing (ahem, hind quarters)
Now you sting not once but twice
Make wasps and mosquitoes seem so nice
You devoured your Apis kin
Now we know not where to begin
Your shiny light is just a guise
You're a disaster not a prize
Twinkle, twinkle GM bugs
I wish you still just ate my slugs.

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