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Posted 22 April 08

My letter published in the New York Times this morning ...

John McDonald, Pennsylvania

The causes of famine are always political, and the responses are always corporate in order to capitalize on the opportunity created by impending misery of others.

My own research and that of others has raised the spectre of the ongoing wide spread destruction in the natural world which has resulted from both GM crops and the attendant poisons used to grow them. My own concern was with the loss of honeybees but it soon became apparent, last summer, that the bees are only an indicator species pointing to unprecedented losses of all insects. With song birds in decline as well as frogs and toads we must question how far the industrial destruction of the environment will be permitted in order to give Ag Tech corporations a bigger bottom line.

Globally the adoption of GM crops and practices has been a cruel disaster in the third world to the point of being indirectly the cause of thousands of farmer suicides in India.?


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John McDonald is a beekeeper in Pennsylvania. He welcomes comments or questions about the bee problem at ... McBee

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